Deep Ecology and Australian Suburbia: Learning from Aboriginal Australia philosophy

Ross Wissing

Deakin University

Ross is undertaking a PhD `Towards sustainable residential landscapes in Geelong‐ the historiography of Australian low density patterns towards sustainability’ at Deakin University. He has a Degree in Horticulture, A Graduate Diploma in Environmental Management and a Masters in Landscape Architecture. Ross has worked for more than two decades in the environment and landscape fields in Australia and internationally. He spent a decade managing Waterwatch from the local to national level. Ross has also managed river and catchment programs for state government and the environmental components of rail and water infrastructure projects. He currently works for the Surf Coast Shire in open space planning.


Arne Naess’ ‘Deep Ecology’ was a fundamental philosophical and conceptual shift from the dominant Western thinking that can be traced back to the Greek and Roman Empires. Like all philosophy, it was born of and is most... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ross Wissing (Deakin University)
  2. David Jones (Deakin University)

Topic Area

C. Deep Ecology and Ethics


D2 » Deep Ecology and Ethics 1 (13:30 - Saturday, 11th July, D2.194)



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