Fostering a Humanitarian Architecture for vulnerable communities. Contributions to the inter-cooperation within the CPLP (Portuguese Speaking Countries' Communitiy).

Afonso Nuno Martins

Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon

Architect with a regular practice since 1990. Several awards in national competitions. Master in Architecture (U.Lisbon), Doctorate Program in Urbanism (U.Politecnica Catalunya) and Ph.D in Architecture (UBI/Portugal). Trainer and Assistant Professor of Sustainable Architecture and Ecological Urbanism. Currently, Full Researcher of CIAUD & Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon.Areas of interest: sustainable urban & architecture; vernacular architecture and cultural landscapes; housing buildng types, incremental housing, post-disaster recovery, and informal areas upgrading. One 1st prize in scientific communications competitions. Project manager at the NGO Building 4Humanity, Designing and Reconstructing Communities Association


Despite covering a wide range of areas, the current studies on post-disaster and informal settlement tend to focus more on field operations that in reality are mostly limited to immediate disaster relief or rehabilitation... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Afonso Nuno Martins (Faculty of Architecture of the University of Lisbon)

Topic Area

4b. Sustainable architecture, design & infrastructure


A4 » Healthy & Sustainable Cities (11:00 - Friday, 10th July, D2.212)



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