Is fragmentation affecting regime shifts occurrence in Mediterranean oak woodlands? A case study in southern Portugal

Augusta Costa


Augusta Costa is a Post Doc member of CENSE/FCT/UNL (Portugal) working at INIAV, I.P. with expertise in Forestry and Environmental Sciences. Tobias Plieninger is an Associate Professor in the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (University of Copenhagen).


In southern regions of Iberia, in Portugal and Spain, the evergreen cork oak woodlands are human-made scattered-tree ecosystems. These woodlands mimick natural savannas and are truly cultural landscapes, where trees form... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Augusta Costa (CENSE/FCT/UNL)
  2. Tobias Plieninger (Copenhagen University)

Topic Area

2a. Biodiversity and Ecosystem threats


A2 » Ecosystem Pressures and Limits (11:00 - Friday, 10th July, D2.194)



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