An Anticipatory Approach to Improve the Recycling of CdTe Photovoltaic Systems

Dwarak Ravikumar

Arizona State University

Dwarak Ravikumar is a post-doctoral researcher at Arizona State University in the Department of Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering. His research focuses on developing novel and environmentally improved technologies for photovoltaic recycling, decreasing the lifecycle environmental impacts of renewable energy systems, and advancing lifecycle assessment methods to evaluate emerging technologies.


The waste from end-of-life photovoltaic (PV) systems is projected to reach 78 million tons by 2070 and this necessitates environmentally improved recycling processes. The incumbent industrial-scale CdTe recycling process... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Dwarak Ravikumar (Arizona State University)
  2. Parikhit Sinha (First Solar)
  3. Thomas Seager (Arizona State University)
  4. Matthew Fraser (Arizona State University)
  5. Elise Harmon (Chandler-Gilbert Community College)
  6. Serrae Reed (University of Houston)
  7. Alexis Power (Arizona State University)

Topic Areas

• Life cycle sustainability assessment , • Sustainable energy systems , • Sustainable consumption and production


TS-3 » End-of-life Business Models (09:45 - Tuesday, 27th June, Room F)

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