Social Footprints of Nations: A Look at Welfare

Rachel Reyes

The University of Sydney

Rachel is a PhD candidate belonging to the Integrated Sustainability Analysis group of the School of Physics at The University of Sydney. With a background in economics, her research focuses on advancing wellbeing indicators that can be linked with global trade. She is supervised by Dr. Joy Murray and Prof. Manfred Lenzen. 


Globalization has impacted the intertwined domains of the economy, environment and society. Apart from the efficiency and economic gains from the interconnection of trade, sustainability issues have risen and concerns over... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Rachel Reyes (The University of Sydney)

Topic Areas

• Environmentally and socially-extended input-output analysis , • Socio-economic metabolism and material flow analysis , • Advances in methods (e.g., life cycle assessment, social impact assessment, resilience a


WS-24 » Impacts of trade on the environment (15:30 - Wednesday, 28th June, Room I)

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