Environmental optimization of Swiss municipal solid waste management to support the energy turn-around

Melanie Haupt

ETH Zurich

Melanie Haupt studied Environmental Engineering at ETH in Zurich. Since 2013 she is PhD student in Stefanie Hellweg’s group “Ecological Systems Design” at ETH Zurich working on the sustainable management of secondary resources in Switzerland. She is currently part of the national research project wastEturn which aims at environmentally-economically optimizing the Swiss waste management system.


Municipal solid waste (MSW) is widely used for energy and material recovery in Switzerland and contributes substantially to the domestic electricity and heat generation. In addition to energy recovery, material recovery from... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Melanie Haupt (ETH Zurich)
  2. Carl Vadenbo (ETH Zurich)
  3. Stefanie Hellweg (ETH Zurich)

Topic Area

• Decision support methods and tools


WS-18 » Applying Circular Economy Principles to Urban Infrastructure (13:45 - Wednesday, 28th June, Room I)

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