Mass-balancing the global chemical sector: Establishing a firm basis for examining circularity and resource efficiency

Peter Levi

University of Cambridge

Peter is a third-year PhD student at the University of Cambridge in the Department of Engineering. Peter holds an MEng (Hons) degree from the University of Bristol and an MPhil degree from the University of Cambridge, both in engineering. Peter’s PhD supervisor is Dr Jonathan M Cullen.


The International Energy Agency’s (IEA) two-degree scenario (2DS) requires a near-halving in the proportion of global primary energy derived from oil, coal and natural gas, from 82% in 2013, to 45% by 2050. In the same... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Peter Levi (University of Cambridge)
  2. Jonathan Cullen (University of Cambridge)

Topic Areas

• Socio-economic metabolism and material flow analysis , • Circular economy


ThS-11 » Material Flow Applications 1 (09:45 - Thursday, 29th June, Room H)

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