Translating planetary boundaries to targets and policies in the Netherlands; a process of downscaling and benchmarking

Harry Wilting

PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency

Harry Wilting is a senior environmental economist working on models of sustainable production and consumption. His specialization is in the field of environmentally-extended multi-regional input-output analysis, footprint analysis and supply-chain analysis. He is author/co-author of several publications on methodological issues and policy analyses in these fields most recently on biodiversity footprints. He was member of the EIPOT project team on behalf of the SKEP network focusing on the evaluation of environmental accounting methodologies and the specification of a suitable integrated approach for quantifying trade-related impacts from a consumption perspective. Furthermore, he participated in a study for DG-ENV on resource efficiency perspectives for the EU by analyzing the fish supply chain. Harry holds an MSc in mathematics and computer science, and a PhD in environmental sciences, both from the University of Groningen


Ongoing population growth, economic development and lifestyle changes have been prime drivers of severe environmental degradation. Many concepts have been proposed to monitor and communicate on environmental degradation. An... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Harry Wilting (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)
  2. Paul Lucas (PBL Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency)

Topic Areas

• Environmentally and socially-extended input-output analysis , • Food, energy, water, and nutrient material flows and footprints , • Planetary boundaries


MS-2 » Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis and Planetary Boundaries (10:00 - Monday, 26th June, Room E)

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