Waste prevention in communities – development of a framework for the implementation of sustainable resource management concepts

Petra Hutner

University of Augsburg

Petra Hutner studied geography and environmental ethics, focusing on resource management. Since June 2013, she has worked at the Resource Lab of the University of Augsburg as a member of a research group for resource strategy and production and supply chain management. Her responsibilities include project management, life cycle assessment and empirical research design for various waste management projects, including the development of a “Guideline for waste prevention on a communal level”, issued in March 2016. Petra Hutner finished her PhD in engineering in June, 2017.


Waste prevention as one of the elements to realize a Circular Economy promises immense potential, especially in Germany. Although waste prevention was promoted as the first priority for all EU member states in 2008, the actual... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Petra Hutner (University of Augsburg)
  2. Dennis Stindt (University of Au)
  3. Andrea Thorenz (University of Augsburg)
  4. Axel Tuma (University of Augsburg)

Topic Areas

• Business and industry practices / case studies , • Public policy and governance , • Circular economy


ThS-7 » Industrial ecology and policies for sustainability (09:45 - Thursday, 29th June, Room D)

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