Environmental and financial analysis of fluidised bed recycling carbon fibre and its reuse in automotive applications

Fanran Meng

University of Nottingham

Fanran Meng is a PhD researcher holding the Dean of Engineering Scholarship for International Excellence since 2013 and Research Associate at the University of Nottingham since 2017. His current research focuses on life cycle environmental sustainability of waste valorisation opportunities, with specific focus on carbon fibre composite materials and municipal solid waste:1.Environment and Cost analysis of Carbon Fibre Composites Recycling 2.Production of butanol and hydrogen by fermentation techniques using steam treated municipal solid wasteHis expertise is in the application of systems analysis approaches (technical, environmental, and economic analysis with optimization algorithm) to materials. This research involves the integration of a number of analytical methodologies and the impact assessment of resources, energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and other impact factors.


The generation of carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP)-based wastes is rapidly increasing, corresponding with the increasing demand of CFRP in the transport and energy sectors. Up to 40% of CFRP is converted to waste during... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Fanran Meng (University of Nottingham)
  2. Jon McKechnie (University of Nottingham)
  3. Steve Pickering (University of Nottingham)

Topic Areas

• Life cycle sustainability assessment , • Management and technology for sustainable and resilient energy, water, food, materials, , • Circular economy


MS-13 » LCA new developments 2 (14:00 - Monday, 26th June, Room D)

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