Fully integrated and automated hybrid LCA implementation in the Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory

Man YU

The University of New South Wales

Man Yu is a PhD candidate in Sustainable Engineering and Industrial Ecology at the UNSW Sustainability Assessment Program working on Hybrid Input-Output Life Cycle Assessment of Construction Projects in Australia. Before commencing her PhD candidature, Man Yu worked at the United Nations Development Program China in the field of climate change policy and sustainable urbanisation. Prior to that, she graduated from a European Commission funded Master’s program named Erasmus Mundus Master’s Program in Industrial Ecology. In general, Man Yu is interested in areas related to climate change, renewable energy, built environment, industrial ecology and sustainable living.


Hybrid life cycle assessment (LCA), combining conventional process-based LCA and environmentally-extended input-output analysis (EEIOA) in a variety of ways, has been developed for almost 40 years and applied across a range of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Man YU (The University of New South Wales)
  2. Thomas Wiedmann (The University of New South Wales)

Topic Area

• Environmentally and socially-extended input-output analysis


WS-15 » Special Session: “Method development in EEIO – novel advances and best practices” (13:45 - Wednesday, 28th June, Room F)

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