Effecting a transition in waste management in a developing country context: the case of organic waste in the Western Cape, South Africa

Catherine Pineo

GreenCape Sector Development Agency

Cathy completed her Masters degree in Molecular and Cell Biology in 2012 at the University of Cape Town.  Cathy has a strong understanding of the close-loop paradigm and experience in the application of the concepts and principles of the Circular Economy. She joined GreenCape's Western Cape Industrial Symbiosis Programme (WISP) in 2013 and facilitated the exchange of unused resources between companies i.e. turning waste into secondary materials, rather than being lost to landfill.  Further to this, Cathy’s expertise at GreenCape has extended into the bioeconomy and agricultural value chains. From 2014 she provided both analytical and strategic expertise on resource-based projects under the GreenCape Bioeconomy Programme. This includes developing regional water and carbon footprints for major agriculture commodities and sectors, assessing the potential impact of different agricultural practices and systems using life cycle assessments, as well as scoping opportunities and developing business cases for value-add to organic waste. Since 2016, she has been managing the GreenCape Agriculture Sector Desk, run in collaboration with the Western Cape Department of Agriculture. With the help of her team, Cathy is championing the “greening” of agricultural value chains, with expected impacts including uptake of opportunities for investment in green technology, systems and processes. This will be key in terms of supporting the development of sustainable and competitive agricultural value chains in the Western Cape and beyond. 


There is increasing interest in organic waste beneficiation in the Western Cape Province of South Africa, with multiple drivers encouraging value-add mechanisms over landfilling. There is increased local government ambition... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Lauren Basson (The GreenCape Sector Development Agency)
  2. Usisipho Gogela (GreenCape Sector Development Agency)
  3. Jarrod Lyons (GreenCape Sector Development Agency)
  4. Catherine Pineo (GreenCape Sector Development Agency)

Topic Areas

• Industrial ecology in developing countries , • Industrial symbiosis and eco-industrial development , • Business and industry practices / case studies


WS-13 » Sustainable food systems 2 (13:45 - Wednesday, 28th June, Room D)

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