Impact of the EIP Project in Ulsan Metropolitan City on the Korean National Economy: Input-Output Analysis


University of Ulsan

Mr. Hung-Suck Park is a Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Director of Centers for Clean Technology and Resource Recycling, Ulsan, South Korea Since 2004, he had also been working Director of Ulsan EIP center for 8 years and expanded his managing capacity until 2014 as the Director general of East South region EIP initiative including Ulsan EIP Center at Korea Industrial Complex Corporation (KICOX), South Korea. His research interest is focused on the development of R&BD modules for industries situated at Eco-Industrial Parks through qualitative/quantitative recycling and management of resource and energy, and sustainable business opportunities for investors and stakeholders. Through his practical scientific research and green business development, he has been awarded the 2011 Best R&D Award from the Ministry of Land, Transportation and Marine Affairs, 2013 Korean Green Management Grand prize from Prime Minister, and 2015 Service Merit Medal of Science and Technology from government of Korea. He had been invited to present talks on Eco-industrial development and green growth in countries including China, Japan, Thailand, India and Taiwan and organizations such as UNIDO (Sanghai, May 2010, Tokyo 2011, Gwangzhou 2013, Davos 2015, Ulsan 2016), OECD (Paris, October 2010). He also has experience in consulting the UNESCAP and World Bank IFC project.  Mr. Hung-Suck Park holds a Bachelor’s degree in environmental engineering from University of Seoul, a Master’s degree and a PhD in Environmental engineering from KAIST, Korea.


An eco-industrial park (EIP) aims to efficiently minimize the by-product, waste, and unused energy through utilizing these as a raw material or energy source to be recycled within the industrial complex. Since 2005, Ulsan... [ view full abstract ]


  1. HUNG SUCK PARK (University of Ulsan)
  2. Hyeong-Woo Kim (University of Ulsan)
  3. Angelo Earvin Sy Choi (University of Ulsan)
  4. JINWOONG BAEK (University of Ulsan)

Topic Areas

• Environmentally and socially-extended input-output analysis , • Industrial symbiosis and eco-industrial development , • Circular economy


TS-7 » Policies and programmes in support of industrial symbiosis (11:30 - Tuesday, 27th June, Room D)

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