What determines passenger car lifetimes? Insights from individual vehicle records

Jonathan Norman

University of Bath

Jonathan Norman is a Research Fellow within the Department of Mechanical Engineering, at the University of Bath in the UK. He conducts research around the reduction in use of energy and materials, drawing on various methodologies as appropriate. His work is funded through the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products (CIEMAP), as part of the UK Research Councils' End Use Energy Demand programme (under grant EP/N022645/1). 


Determining the expected lifetime of passenger cars is vital, both when assessing the impacts of a single vehicle (for example through life cycle assessment) and when considering the dynamics of a stock of vehicles and the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jonathan Norman (University of Bath)
  2. Samuel Cooper (University of Bath)

Topic Areas

• Open source data, big data, data mining and industrial ecology , • Sustainable urban systems


WS-17 » Sustainable consumption and production systems (13:45 - Wednesday, 28th June, Room H)

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