Is outsourcing decreasing gains in energy and greenhouse gas efficiency in developed nations? A decomposition of energy and labor embodied in trade between 1995 and 2011

Moana Simas


Moana Simas is a PhD student at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. She works with socioeconomic and environmental impacts embodied in trade and outsourcing through multi-regional input-output analysis. 


International trade is capable of allocating production to the most efficient places, and could be able to effectively reduce environmental impacts of production. The shift in production and the globalization of supply chains... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Moana Simas (NTNU)
  2. Edgar G Hertwich (Yale University,)
  3. Richard Wood (NTNU)

Topic Area

• Environmentally and socially-extended input-output analysis


WS-24 » Impacts of trade on the environment (15:30 - Wednesday, 28th June, Room I)

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