Quantifying carbon dioxide emission of coal chemical industry in China

You Zhang

Nanjing University

Name:You ZHANG EDUCATION2013.09-Present Nanjing UniversityPh.D. Candidate of Environmental Science2009.09-2013.06 Wuhan UniversityBSc of Environmental ScienceDouble major: BSc of Economics RESEARCH INTERESTSQuantify the environmental impacts of consumer products with the life cycle perspective, focusing onthe spatial differentiation of life cycle inventories and the improvement of life cycle impact categories. SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATIONS1. You Zhang, Xin Liu, Rufeng Xiao, Zengwei Yuan*. Life cycle assessment of cotton T-shirts in China. The International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 2015, 20(7): 994-1004.2. Zengwei Yuan*, You Zhang, Xin Liu. Life cycle assessment of horizontal-axis washing machines in China. International Journal of Life Cycle Assessment, 2016, 21(1): 15-28.3. Rufeng Xiao, You Zhang, Xin Liu, Zengwei Yuan*. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2015, 95: 301-310.4. Rufeng Xiao, You Zhang, Zengwei Yuan*. Environmental impacts of reclamation and recycling processes of refrigerators using life cycle assessment (LCA) methods. Journal of Cleaner Production, 2016, 131:52-59.5. Jing Xu, Jinjun Li*, Feng Wu*, You Zhang. Rapid photooxidation of As(III) through surface complexation with nascent colloidal ferric hydroxide. Environmental Science & Technology,2014, 48(1):272-278.


Coupled with the rapid development of economy and the increasingly improvement of living standards, China has a huge rigid demand for basic chemical products and energy. Unlike many other countries which produce these... [ view full abstract ]


  1. You Zhang (Nanjing University)
  2. Zengwei Yuan (Nanjing University)

Topic Areas

• Complexity, resilience and sustainability , • Industrial ecology in developing countries , • Sustainable energy systems


TS-14 » Climate change and carbon management (13:45 - Tuesday, 27th June, Room E)

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