Analyzing potential markets for Autonomous Vehicles using time-use data

Saptarshi Das

Rochester Institute of Technology

Saptarshi Das is currently pursuing a PhD in Sustainability at the Golisano Institute for Sustainability (GIS), Rochester Institute of Sustainability (RIT). He has over 6 years of work experience on various aspects of sustainability including transportation, life cycle analysis, energy system modelling and energy access. He has a Master's degree in Business Economics and a Bachelor's degree in Economics


Autonomous Vehicles (AV) will have enormous economic, environmental and social implications. In this work, the American Time Use Survey (ATUS) is used to characterize potential AV markets. The approach is to identify the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Saptarshi Das (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  2. Ashok Sekar (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  3. Roger Chen (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  4. Eric Williams (Rochester Institute of Technology)
  5. Hyung Chul Kim (Ford Motor Company)
  6. Timothy J. Wallington (Ford Motor Company)

Topic Areas

• Complexity, resilience and sustainability , • Human behavior and rebound , • Sustainable urban systems


ThS-9 » Sustainable technological advances (09:45 - Thursday, 29th June, Room F)

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