Coupling Life Cycle Assessment with Environmental and Demgraphic Models to Understand Social Impacts of Agriculture

Dr. Kiara Winans

University of California Davis

Dr. Winans's research focuses on evaluation of agri-food systems and related environmental impacts. She develops methods for life cycle assessment of agri-food systems considering the interface zone between natural and industrial systems at the regional, national, and global geographic scales. She is co-director of the Industrial Ecology Program at the University of California-Davis. 


Although life cycle assessment (LCA) can be used to assess environmental and health impacts at a regional and global scale, there are few data and life cycle inventories available that support regionalized LCA. A regionalized... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Dr. Kiara Winans (University of California Davis)
  2. Alissa Kendall (University of California Davis)
  3. Sonja Brodt (University of California Davis)

Topic Area

• Advances in methods (e.g., life cycle assessment, social impact assessment, resilience a


TS-13 » Advances in Life Cycle Sustainability Assessment 1 (13:45 - Tuesday, 27th June, Room D)

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