NRBV Sustainability Strategies: Can the implementation method affect sustainability performance?

Shirley-Ann Behravesh

Arizona State University

Shirley-Ann Behravesh is a Senior Sustainability Scientist and a Faculty member within the School of Sustainability. Shirley-Ann holds an MPhil in Manufacturing Engineering, and a PhD in Sustainability. She has extensive project management experience with various sustainability projects, including sustainable technologies, transportation, construction, food and businesses. Her research focuses on understanding sustainable organizations, their culture, leadership and their goals. She also works in the field of social entrepreneurship and the design of sustainable products. Shirley-Ann has worked with several non-profit organizations in the field of sustainable procurement, including the Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council and the American Sustainable Business Council(ASBC).


Hart’s (1995) Natural Resource Based View (NRBV) of the firm has been a key theoretical construct within the corporate sustainability and strategic management research fields for the past two decades. Hart’s work... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Shirley-Ann Behravesh (Arizona State University)
  2. Kevin Dooley (Arizona State University)

Topic Areas

• Sustainable business models , • Business and industry practices / case studies


MS-8 » Sustainability assessment of materials (11:45 - Monday, 26th June, Room E)

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