How much should be invested in hazard mitigation for residential buildings in the United States?

Mehdi Noori


Post-doctoral associate in the civil and environmental engineering department at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His work focuses on conducting research and developing tools in life cycle assessment, life cycle cost analysis, and resilience. 


Motivation With more than 75% of catastrophic losses in the United States in the period of 1993-2012 caused by windstorms, U.S. faces wind vulnerability in majority of its states, including the 18 coastal states on the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Mehdi Noori (MIT)
  2. Jeremy Gregory (MIT)
  3. Randolph E. Kirchain (Materials Systems Laboratory, Engineering Systems Division, Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
  4. T. Reed Miller (Yale University,)

Topic Areas

• Complexity, resilience and sustainability , • Sustainability and resilience metrics , • Resilience and planning


ThS-5 » Lightning Session 1: Science for Sustainable and Resilient Communities (08:30 - Thursday, 29th June, Room H)

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