Evaluating the changing causes of photovoltaics cost reduction

Jessika E Trancik


Jessika Trancik is the Atlantic Richfield Career Development Associate Professor in Energy Studies at the Institute for Data, Systems and Society (IDSS) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She is also an external professor at the Santa Fe Institute. She received her B.S. in materials science and engineering from Cornell University and her Ph.D. in materials science from the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. Before MIT, she spent several years at the Santa Fe Institute as an Omidyar Fellow, and at Columbia University as an Earth Institute Fellow, where her research focused on energy systems modeling. Her research group studies the dynamic costs and environmental impacts of energy technologies to inform technology design and policy.


Photovoltaics (PV) module costs have declined rapidly and steadily over forty years but the reasons remain elusive. Understanding the determinants can point to opportunities for future improvement, to support the continued... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jessika E Trancik (MIT)
  2. Goksin Kavlak (MIT)
  3. James Mcnerney (MIT)

Topic Areas

• Sustainable energy systems , • Advances in methods (e.g., life cycle assessment, social impact assessment, resilience a , • Public policy and governance


WS-14 » Sustainable energy systems 2 (13:45 - Wednesday, 28th June, Room E)

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