Product Sustainable Design Incentive Strategy – Comparison of Product Life Cycle Fee and Emission Trading Scheme

Su-Chen Yuan

National Taipei University

    I am a doctoral student of institute of national resources management of National Taipei University in Taiwan. My researches are involved in environmental management, sustainable development, municipal solid waste management, and resource recycling, in particular related to policies and governance. From September 2013 to January 2014, my study focused on sustainable development indicators of Taiwan.     Sustainable development and municipal solid waste management is global issue. From March 2014, I start to research into municipal solid waste management and resource recycling, especially about policies and governance. With consideration of sustainable resource, higher requirements for environmental quality and ecology, I start reviewing documents of international organizations, academic papers, and reports of different countries, and analyzing what factors and policies contribute to resource recycling. I find Taiwan’s recycling policy and governance is extremely distinctive and the achievement is extraordinary. I’m also interested in extended producer responsibility (EPR), especially about product life cycle fee and emission trading. In recent years, Taiwan government’s effort in promoting an environmentally responsible PLC system for extended producers to raise environmental quality, but exclude waste recycling and disposal as well as GHG emissions during treatment process. Besides, such system cannot achieve the goal of enhancing corporate eco-designed products or green production incentives. For this reason, my study aims to consider the existing fee collection system and propose a novel system design approach that raises green production incentives, provides a reference for government policy implementation. Moreover, this study researches two economic incentive models; namely, PLCEFM (Product Life Cycle Emission Fee Model) and PLCETM (Product life Cycle Emission Trading Model), to discuss the efficiency of environmental policy.


                                     Chien-Ming Lee、Su-Chen Yuan                                                    ABSTRACT This paper introduces two economic... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Su-Chen Yuan (National Taipei University)
  2. Chien-ming Lee (National Taipei University)

Topic Areas

• Products and services, design for the environment, product declarations and labelling , • Public policy and governance , • Sustainable consumption and production


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