Life Cycle-Inspired Case Studies for Discussing Engineering, Biomedical, and Policy Ethics

Matthew Eckelman

Northeastern University

Matthew Eckelman is an Assistant Professor at Northeastern University in Civil and Environmental Engineering, with secondary appointments in Chemical Engineering, Environmental Science, and Public Policy. His research interests include emissions modeling, life cycle assessment, and sustainable chemicals production. Dr. Eckelman has served on panels at the National Academies and NIST on sustainable manufacturing and industrial pollution issues and consults regularly on sustainability-related projects with a range of industrial companies and non-profit institutions. He was a co-recipient of the international Laudise Prize in Industrial Ecology in 2013 and was awarded an NSF CAREER award in environmental sustainability in 2015.  He holds a BA in Physics and Mathematics from Amherst College and a doctorate in Chemical and Environmental Engineering from Yale, where he was affiliated with the Center for Industrial Ecology and the Center for Green Chemistry and Engineering.  


A central goal of engineering ethics education is to provide students with an understanding of context for their designs and decisions, environmental and public health implications being central themes. In the United States,... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Matthew Eckelman (Northeastern University)
  2. Jacqueline Isaacs (Northeastern University)
  3. Christopher Bosso (Northeastern University)
  4. John Basl (Northeastern University)
  5. Kathleen Eggleson (Indiana University)

Topic Area

• Education in sustainability science


TS-9 » Public policy and governance (11:30 - Tuesday, 27th June, Room F)

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