The potassium cycle to feed the city

Oliver Heidrich

Newcastle University

I graduated in Germany as a fully qualified Civil Engineer and completed a PhD in Environmental Management and Business Psychology (CEG and the School of Biology and Psychology) at Newcastle University in 2006.  I develop new approaches to model and manage climate change adaptation, mitigation, natural resources and material flows using e.g. life cycle assessment, industrial ecology and standardised systems e.g. 9001, 18001 and 14001 in urban environments. I aim to provide researchers and decision makers a system-scale understanding of the inter-relationships between resource mapping and resource use in cities. For this I consider climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies and technologies in the built environment. My research, consultancy and publications feed directly into my teaching bringing expertise into the classroom. I lead modules, teach and conduct the associated administration of Higher Education (HE) Programs for UG, PG and doctoral students. I research and develop new theories for urban areas (cities) and climate change adaptation and mitigation by considering resource models, life cycle assessment and costing, industrial ecology principles and standardised management systems.


For centuries fertilisers are being added to enhance the fertility of the soil; adding three main macronutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P) and Potassium (K). N and P, its supply and recycling are well documented (Chen and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Oliver Heidrich (Newcastle University)
  2. David Manning (Newcastle University)
  3. Luca Panzone (Newcastle University)
  4. Natalia Yakovleva (Newcastle University Business School London,)
  5. Davide Ciceri (MIT)
  6. Antoinne Allanore (MIT)
  7. Alisair Ford (Newcastle University)

Topic Areas

• Food, energy, water, and nutrient material flows and footprints , • Sustainable urban systems , • Sustainable consumption and production


ThS-10 » Sustainable food systems 3 (09:45 - Thursday, 29th June, Room G)

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