A Vision for the Circular Economy in Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) Based on Self-Management of Common Pool Resources

Colin Fitzpatrick

University of Limerick

I am a faculty member at the Department of Electronic & Computer Engineering at the University of Limerick, Ireland.My research centres on sustainable lifecycle engineering with an emphasis on electrical and electronic equipment and this work has included a number of projects of WEEE management, product design, electricity demand management, the internet of things and the circular economy.


Metals recovery from electronics recycling is currently focused on high-volume, valuable metals that are easily recoverable. Current and future electronics will contain small quantities of resources available for recovery but... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Carol Handwerker (Purdue)
  2. William Olson (Seagate)
  3. Wayne Rifer (Green Electronics Council)
  4. Colin Fitzpatrick (University of Limerick)
  5. Willie Cade (PCRR)
  6. Sara Behdad (State University of New York, University at Buffalo)
  7. Mark Schaffer (iNEMI)

Topic Areas

• Sustainable business models , • Products and services, design for the environment, product declarations and labelling , • Circular economy


TS-22 » Urban Metabolism case studies (15:30 - Tuesday, 27th June, Room G)

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