Essential Societal Service Functions and Planetary Boundaries: The Case of Sustainable Urban Water Management

Hjalte Jomo Danielsen Sørup

Technical University of Denmark

My main research area is combining risk and quantitative sustainability assessments for flood risk assessment to develop decision support tools that help decision makers take more sustainable decisions in the light of the associated risks and uncertainties. I am also working with input uncertainty for such models, especially on rainfall in a changed climate.


The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals dictates that a range of essential societal services have to be delivered globally. These services have to be sustainable in absolute terms with potential of being put to use... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Hjalte Jomo Danielsen Sørup (Technical University of Denmark)
  2. Sarah Brudler (Technical University of Denmark)
  3. Berit Godskesen (Technical University of Denmark)
  4. Yan Dong (Technical University of Denmark)
  5. Martin Rygaard (Technical University of Denmark)
  6. Sara Maria Lerer (Technical University of Denmark)
  7. Karsten Arnbjerg-Nielsen (Technical University of Denmark)

Topic Areas

• Infrastructure systems, the built environment, and smart and connected infrastructure , • Sustainable urban systems , • Planetary boundaries


MS-2 » Environmentally Extended Input-Output Analysis and Planetary Boundaries (10:00 - Monday, 26th June, Room E)

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