The Carbon and Water Footprint of Hydropower

Laura Scherer

Leiden University

Laura Scherer is an assistant professor at the Institute of Envi­ron­mental Scie­nces (CML) at Le­i­den Un­i­ve­rsi­ty since 2017. Her research focuses on regionalized life cycle assessment and water resources with applications to the agriculture and energy sectors.


Hydropower is the largest renewable electricity source, but despite its reputation of being clean, it can have negative impacts on water resources and the climate. Since, in contrast to most energy technologies, the impacts of... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Laura Scherer (Leiden University)
  2. Stephan Pfister (ETH Zurich)

Topic Areas

• Food, energy, water, and nutrient material flows and footprints , • Sustainable energy systems


WS-19 » Defining The Water - Energy - Waste Nexus (15:30 - Wednesday, 28th June, Room D)

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