Marienne Costa


Costa is an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering Department at Federal University of Paraná. Postdoc in Sustainable Materials Engineering at Stanford University, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Costa received her PhD in Civil Construction Engineering and Urban from the Departament of Civil Construction at Polytechnic School of the University of São Paulo, Brazil. She also received her MSE in Technology of Construction Processes in this faculty. She participates in a national research mortars that integrates manufacturers, constructors and Brazilian Universities. Professor Costa has experience in Civil Engineering with emphasis in Construction Materials & Components, mainly in the following areas: masonry sealing, grout coating, adhesive mortar and pastes: performance and properties. The research focus is on the properties of mortars (coating, laying and sticky) and pastes in fresh and hardened state. These properties are related to the formulation of the mortar, especially for the rheological characterization of the performance of the mixtures in the fresh state. Several researches have been carried out with mortars, changing the type of aggregate, types and amounts of additives, in addition to the inclusion of hydrated lime along with cement. Studies formulations adhesive mortars for laying tiles were recently conducted with a focus on specific dosages of additives and impact on adhesion. Mortars coating with various aggregates and mortar for self leveling floors were evaluated when the performance of the mixture. The plastic shrinkage has been a problem e some experiments has been started.


Some of the main building materials are quite aggressive to the environment because of their manufacture causes larges greenhouse gases (GHG) emissions. Wood-based materials are excellent in this regard, as they generally... [ view full abstract ]


  1. José Freitas Jr. (UFPR)
  2. Marienne Costa (UFPR)
  3. Carlos Parchen (UFPR)
  4. Barbara Villas Boas (UFPR)
  5. Setsuo Iwakiri (UPPR)

Topic Area

• Products and services, design for the environment, product declarations and labelling


TS-5 » Sustainable product design and labelling (09:45 - Tuesday, 27th June, Room H)

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