The void as cause of the mind

Jos de Kroon


Jos de Kroon is a psychiatrist and psychoanalist working in private practice and in a mental hospital. He published books and a lot of articles on psychosis, the soul and the history of psychiatry. He defended his thesis on the relation between language and psychosis in a Lacanian perspective. His last book was on hearing voices: The voice of the Other.


A critique on determinism in psychiatry When we are confronted with severe psychic problems as psychosis, thinking in psychiatry is inclined to use ‘natural’ categories as ”psychosis is a dysfunction of the brain”.... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jos de Kroon (GGZWNB)

Topic Areas

Influencing research , Society's impact on mental health , Other overarching themes and conceptual issues


SAPM PUP » Papers: Paranoia (14:30 - Saturday, 2nd September, CT Hub, Lecture Theatre A)