The Vital Importance of Engagement – The Cinderella of the Cinderella Services

Jonathon Slater


Guidedby his own healthcare experiences, Jonathon has spent his nursing andpsychotherapy career striving to resolve alienation between healthcareproviders and people with experience of psychosis. Jonathon's particular interest is first contact - the point at which those seeking help are mostlikely to be alienated despite their vulnerability.

Mark Andrews

Lincolnshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust

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Whilst much emphasis in the psychosis literature is placed on engagement and establishing a therapeutic rapport as a precursor to effective psychotherapy, most texts fail to sufficiently explore the difficult practicalities... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jonathon Slater (Psychotherapist)
  2. Mark Andrews (Lincolnshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust)

Topic Areas

Individual cognitive behavioural therapies and related approaches , Influencing professions , Early intervention


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