The Sense of Schizophrenic Life: Experience, Autobiographical Memory and Identity

Manuel López Arroyo

Unidad de Salud Mental Comunitaria Baza, Granada

Psychiatrist. Systemic psychotherapist.


Is schizophrenia a mental disorder that affects the course and integrity of thinkingto associate facts and the identity of the person? And what else? Autobiographicalmemory is the area of memory that synthesizes the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Manuel López Arroyo (Unidad de Salud Mental Comunitaria Baza, Granada)
  2. Jesús Salomón Martínez (Mental Health Unit Villarmatín, Jerez de la Frontera Hospital, North Cádiz)

Topic Areas

Experts by experience , The language of madness , Other individual therapies


FRAM WUP » Workshop: Understanding Psychosis and Therapy (12:00 - Friday, 1st September, The Guild, Library)