Doctors are human too. Why don't we speak out about our extreme states and recovery stories?

Patte Randal

Retired from Auckland District Health Board/Self-employed

Dr Patte Randal LRCP MRCS D Phil has personal experience of recovery from psychosis, is trained in Psychiatry, and worked as Medical Officer in Rehabilitation Psychiatry at Buchanan Rehabilitation Centre ADHB, Auckland for 18 years. She developed and co-facilitated Understanding Ourselves Groups as well as a focused collaborative intervention to support people in their journey of self-discovery. She continues to work collaboratively with individuals and their families in the community, who experience the enduring consequences of trauma such as work-place bullying, and other extreme states such as psychosis, to facilitate self-understanding and to assist in developing a life worth living. She has taught the “Re-covery Model” to clinicians of all disciplines, the people they serve and their families. She has published research on recovery-focussed multimodal therapy for people with psychosis, is first author of the “Re-covery Model” (Randal et al 2009), and is co-editor and co-author of an ISPS book 


Aim To outline some findings of a qualitative research study talking with doctors who became the patients of psychiatrists.  Method As part of a larger qualitative study. we interviewed 11 doctors who have lived... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Patte Randal (Retired from Auckland District Health Board/Self-employed)

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Influencing professions , Influencing public opinion , Experts by experience


SAB PEE » Papers: Lived Experience Perspectives (08:00 - Saturday, 2nd September, Chadwick Building, Chadwick Lecture Theatre)

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