Iatrogenesis - meaning of "first do no harm" and the role of curiosity in psychiatric encounters

Georgiana Antoce

Private Practice; psychiatrist and psychotherapist

Psychiatrist (Romanian background) in private practice, Brisbane, Australia - interested in trauma informed dynamic psychotherapy, dialogue, the therapeutic relationship, social and cultural dimensions in psychiatry, neuroplasticity, learning and supervision/ art, music and travel. Early phases of a doctoral project exploring "adaptation" to locked wards in psychiatric encounters, using qualitative research methodology. Also involved in medico-legal work, supervision and teaching. 


The paper will offer a review of the concept of iatrogenesis in different medical fields, with further discussion of its relevance for psychiatry and in particular, in suicide prevention approaches. This will be... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Georgiana Antoce (Private Practice; psychiatrist and psychotherapist)

Topic Areas

Therapeutic relationships , Influencing professions , Other overaching themes and conceptual issues


THPM1 PTR » Papers: Therapeutic Relationships (14:00 - Thursday, 31st August, Chadwick Building, Rotbalt Lecture Theatre)

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