Making sense of madness and the psychotherapy of madness from a person-centred, process-relational perspective

Ivan Ellingham

University of East Anglia, St Barnabas Counselling Centre

My theorising regarding the nature of madness and the psychotherapy of madness stems from a personal 'breakdown-to-breakthrough' experience involving ideas of Carl Rogers and process-relational philosopher Susanne Langer. I developed these ideas to gain a PhD in counselling psychology at the University of Illinois, subsequently working as a lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire and as an NHS psychologist in secondary mental healthcare. Recently I have become aware of how my ideas apply to the theory and practice of Pre-Therapy, a person-centred approach developed by Garry Prouty to aid individuals suffering from psychotic experiencing.


‘Scientists attempt to interconnect the data in a coherent way, free of internal contradictions. The resulting representation is known as a scientific model’ (Capra & Luisi, 2014). To this point, those who seek to... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Ivan Ellingham (University of East Anglia, St Barnabas Counselling Centre)

Topic Areas

Therapeutic relationships , Other individual therapies , Other overarching themes and conceptual issues


SAPM WUP » Workshop: Understanding Psychosis and Therapy (14:30 - Saturday, 2nd September, CT Hub, G-Flex Room)

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