How to change the system of mental health care?

Barbora Chvatalova

Masaryk University

Founder & manager of Projekt SPOLU, an initiative securing long-term cooperation of psychology & medical students, psychiatric patients (mostly hospitalized) and medical staff in psychiatric facilities across the Czech Republic. Currently works as a Data Management Coordinator in a Destigmatization team of Social Psychiatry department in the Czech National Institute of Mental Health. 

Jana Muronova

Masaryk University

Education coordinator in Projekt SPOLU. Currently enrolled in doctoral program Clinical psychology. Works as a psychologist in an assertive community team in Sdruzeni PRAH – the biggest provider of psychosocial support for people with mental health diseases in Moravia region.


In the Czech Republic, large mental health care institutions still exist as a relic from 18th century and serve as a primary provider of care for people who face psychological issues. Currently, there is a mostly one-sided... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Barbora Chvatalova (Masaryk University)
  2. Jana Muronova (Masaryk University)

Topic Areas

The language of madness , Other approaches to working for change , Other organisational approaches


SAB PCH » Papers: Change and Psychology Students (08:00 - Saturday, 2nd September, CT Hub, Lecture Theatre C)