ISPS - for whites only?

Val Jackson

ISPS board member

Val is a family therapist and first heard about Open Dialogue 15 years ago. It just made sense to her and so she has campaigned widely for its introduction in the UK ever since. She undertook an Open Dialogue trial in the EIP service in Leeds in 2014. She is a coordinator and tutor on the Foundation course in Peer-supported Open Dialogue, Social Network and Relationship skills course, which will lead to the first ever RCT in Open Dialogue. She is a trainee trainer on the 3 year Open Dialogue UK course and is also a trustee of ISPS UK.  She is a firm believer of    “ I am who I am because of who we all are." She loves cycling, swimming and her garden.


In recent years the involvement of BAME groups (Black, Asian and minority ethnicity) in many organisations has decreased, in part due to the challenging events that have taken place around the world. The latest studies of the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Val Jackson (ISPS board member)
  2. Ivy Derrick (University of Manchester)
  3. Jen Kilyon (Soteria and ISPS board member)

Topic Areas

Culture and ethnicity , Influencing public opinion , Changing ISPS


SUAM WCE » Workshop: Culture and Ethnicity (09:15 - Sunday, 3rd September, The Guild, Mountford Hall )

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