Bipolar psychosis: a Symposium

Anne Pernot

pediatric hospital Trousseau, Paris

I'm a child psychiatrist, psychoanalyst, trained in Systemic family therapy, EMDR, and Dissociation theory: non predictible psychotherapy !. I'm also  very interested in neurosciences!


                        IS MY CHILD BIPOLAR? In a state of considerable distress, parents frequently ask this question to child psychiatrists. The distress is exacerbated by the current assumption that bipolar... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Anne Pernot (pediatric hospital Trousseau, Paris)

Topic Areas

Systemic family work , Individual psychodynamic therapies


FRPM SBD » Symposium: Bipolar Disorder (14:30 - Friday, 1st September, CT Hub, Lecture Theatre B)

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