What is a therapeutic ward atmosphere for patients with psychosis? Challenges in developing and maintaining such milieus


Anne Berit Eie Torbjørnsen, Jon Vidar Strømstad and Svein Friis will focus on evaluation and development of treatment milieus. What are the characteristics of a therapeutic milieu?How can ward atmosphere be measured and... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Svein Friis (University of Oslo)
  2. Anne Berit Eie Torbjørnsen, (Stavanger University Hospital)
  3. Jon Vidar Strømstad (Stavanger University Hospital)

Topic Area

Other arts therapies


SAPM KEY7 » Keynote: Svein Friis, Anne Berit Eie Torbjørnsen, Jon Vidar Strømstad (16:35 - Saturday, 2nd September, The Guild, Mountford Hall)

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