The pre-cognitive aspects of countertransference (60 minute paper)


In an interesting paper. Benedetti supervised the case of “In- Felix, the cat.”He describes how the power of the split and removed part can reach the psychotherapist unconscious. Benedetti conclusion: “I would be... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Claudia Bartocci (Gaetano Benedetti Institute)
  2. Simone Donnari (Atlas Centre, Istituto Gaetano Benedetti)
  3. Alessandra Calculli (Corpo Specchio)

Topic Areas

Art therapy , Group analytic and psychoanalytic group therapies , Individual psychodynamic therapies


SAB WPD » Workshop: Psychodynamic (08:00 - Saturday, 2nd September, Maths Building, Forsyth Lecture Theatre)

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