Psychoanalytic Self Psychology, an experience near framework for treating psychosis

Elda Arpaia

Centro Anthropos di Bergamo

   Born in Naples 25/11/1949. When I was eighteen, I moved to Bergamo to work in a public office of Treasury Minister. Then I realized that my goal was to work as a psychotherapist, my dream was helping people suffering from psychological deseases. So I attended the University of Padua- Psychology an then I got my specialization in Psychotherapy at the School of Psychotherapy CERP of Trento. In 1992 I began my free activity as Director of the Center of Psychotherapy, Psychiatry an Psychology "Anthropos". In 2011 I met ISPS and its principles, that I share completely, through my colleague Matteo Mazzariol, vice-president ISPS Italy. We co-founded ISPS Lombardia and Anthropos is its legal place. In my Center I work with a staff of twelve operators, according to the Self-Psychology by Kohut, in the field of individual and family therapy, couple-therapy, children an adolescents problems, collaboration with schools and university, work-psychology.  


While it is true that Kohut and his colleagues in their clinical practice did not focus particularly on psychotic mental states, it is also true that their observations and conceptualizations regarding the developmentof the... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Elda Arpaia (Centro Anthropos di Bergamo)
  2. Matteo Mazzariol (Dipartimento di Salute Mentale di Gela (CL), ASP 2 di Caltanisetta.)

Topic Area

Individual psychodynamic therapies


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