What are the major obstacles preventing a shift towards a more psycho-social approach to people with distressing psychotic experiences?

Gary Sidley

Registered clinical psychologist, freelance writer/trainer

Gary is a freelance writer, blogger, activist and trainer. In 2013, he opted for early retirement from his post of Professional Lead/Consultant Clinical Psychologist after 33 continuous years of employment in NHS mental health services. Throughout his career, Gary has presented numerous workshops on a range of topics including: the psychological factors underpinning suicidal behaviour, stigma, advance decisions, cognitive behaviour therapy and the limitations of risk assessment. He writes on a range of topics, including: alternatives to biological psychiatry (his book, Tales from the Madhouse: An insider critique of psychiatric services was published by PCCS Books in February 2015); general interest articles and humour. Gary is also a moderator of the ‘Drop the Disorder!’ Facebook group.

Nicky Hayward

Writer, blogger & mental health activist

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Jo Watson

Psychotherapist, trainer & activist

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Teri Tivey

Accredited counsellor

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Jonathon Slater


Guidedby his own healthcare experiences, Jonathon has spent his nursing andpsychotherapy career striving to resolve alienation between healthcareproviders and people with experience of psychosis. Jonathon's particular interest is first contact - the point at which those seeking help are mostlikely to be alienated despite their vulnerability.


Why do bio-medical approaches continue to dominate the way Western societies make sense of psychotic experiences? There is now a substantial body of evidence demonstrating that construing psychosis as an ‘illness like any... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Gary Sidley (Registered clinical psychologist, freelance writer/trainer)
  2. Nicky Hayward (Writer, blogger & mental health activist)
  3. Jo Watson (Psychotherapist, trainer & activist)
  4. Teri Tivey (Accredited counsellor)
  5. Jonathon Slater (Psychotherapist)

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