Tales from the Madhouse: An insider critique of psychiatric services (Meet the Author Session)

Gary Sidley

Registered clinical psychologist, freelance writer/trainer

Gary is a freelance writer, blogger, activist and trainer. In 2013, he opted for early retirement from his post of Professional Lead/Consultant Clinical Psychologist after 33 continuous years of employment in NHS mental health services. Throughout his career, Gary has presented numerous workshops on a range of topics including: the psychological factors underpinning suicidal behaviour, stigma, advance decisions, cognitive behaviour therapy and the limitations of risk assessment. He writes on a range of topics, including: alternatives to biological psychiatry (his book, Tales from the Madhouse: An insider critique of psychiatric services was published by PCCS Books in February 2015); general interest articles and humour. Gary is also a moderator of the ‘Drop the Disorder!’ Facebook group.


The book constitutes a persuasive critique of current psychiatric practice within Britain’s National Health Service. Drawing on the author’s 33-year experience of working as a mental health professional –psychiatric... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Gary Sidley (Registered clinical psychologist, freelance writer/trainer)

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Influencing professions , Influencing public opinion , Power imbalences


THPM2 PEE » Papers: Experts by experience (17:05 - Thursday, 31st August, CT Hub, Lecture Theatre A)

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