Psychosis: Externalising internally-generated and self-directed threat


Purpose: Suicidal ideation/behaviour (SIB) and psychosis are two highly associated phenomena. This paper proposes that psychotic experiences (PEs), for some, may be consequential to SIB. More specifically this paper... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Jamie Murphy (Ulster University)
  2. Mark Shevlin (Ulster University)
  3. Philip Hyland (National College of Ireland)
  4. Ask Elklit (Southern Denmark University)
  5. Mogens Nygaard Christoffersen (Danish National Centre for Social Research (SFI))
  6. Richard Bentall (University of Liverpool)

Topic Areas

Influencing research , The language of madness


SUAM PUP » Papers: Research on Causal Factors (09:15 - Sunday, 3rd September, CT Hub, Lecture Theatre C )

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