Dance Movement Psychotherapy in Acute Adult Psychiatry: a mixed methods study

Mary Coaten

Durham University

I am a dance movement psychotherapist working in the National Health Service in the UK. For the past 10 years I have delivered dance movement psychotherapy groups within the acute adult in-patient mental health setting. My special interest is in the use of embodied approaches for those people who may be experiencing severe mental distress. There is an emerging field of philosophically-led research into embodiment highlighting the importance of understanding severe mental distress in terms of the "lived-body" experience. At present I am engaged in doctoral research in this area at Durham University.I also work as a dance movement psychotherapist within an out-patient service primarily working with people who may have experienced some type of trauma.I recently qualified as a Kestenberg Movement Profile analyst.


This presentation is based on doctoral studies at Durham University. The research involves an investigation of the therapeutic mechanisms at play in dance movement psychotherapy in acute adult psychiatry. There is an emerging... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Mary Coaten (Durham University)

Topic Areas

Therapeutic relationships , Influencing research , Other arts therapies


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