Dissociation mediates the relationship between peer victimization and hallucinatory experiences among early adolescents


Peer victimization increases the risk of experiencing psychotic symptoms among clinical and general populations, but the mechanism underlying this association remains unclear. Dissociation,which is related to peer... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Syudo Yamasaki (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Sciences)
  2. Shuntaro Ando (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Sciences)
  3. Shinsuke Koike (The University of Tokyo)
  4. Satoshi Usami (University of Tsukuba)
  5. Kaori Endo (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Sciences)
  6. Paul French (Greater Manchester West Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust)
  7. Tsukasa Sasaki (The University of Tokyo)
  8. Toshi Furukawa (Kyoto University)
  9. Mariko Hiraiwa-hasegawa (The Graduate University for Advanced Studies)
  10. Kiyoto Kasai (The Univeristy of Tokyo)
  11. Atsushi Nishida (Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Medical Sciences)

Topic Areas

Individual cognitive behavioural therapies and related approaches , Influencing research , Early intervention


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