Migration, culture, and psychosis (60 minute paper)

Victor Kouratovsky

Parnassia Group & ExpatPsy Netherlands

Dr. Victor Kouratovsky is a licensed clinical psychologist (BIG) and a child & adolescent psychologist specialist (NIP), member of the specialist group Cultural Psychiatry of the Parassia Academy and a member of the board for ISPS Lowlands. He is based in Rotterdam and has worked for 30+ yrs in the centre of Rotterdam with esp. migrants and refugees from all over the world. His clinical activities include working at Lucertis child & adolescent psychiatry, at the Expert centre for Transcultural Therapy, and at his own practice: ExpatPsy, psychological and psychiatric expertise for expats. He was awarded with the Sinbad Award for Intercultural psychology by the Dutch Institute for Psychologists (NIP) and is considered to be an expert in the field of (trans)cultural psychiatry. The subject of the interrelations between migration, culture, and psychosis, will be prominent for the upcoming ISPS international conference in 2019 in Rotterdam.

Samrad Ghane

Parnassia Group

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Sil Hol

Dutch RACT Foundation

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Frank Bovenberg

Dutch RACT Foundation

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Meta analyses of studies have shown that migration has an undeniably strong influence on the incidence and the prevalence of psychosis, the odds for being diagnosed with psychosis or schizophrenia among certain groups or... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Victor Kouratovsky (Parnassia Group & ExpatPsy Netherlands)
  2. Samrad Ghane (Parnassia Group)
  3. Sil Hol (Dutch RACT Foundation)
  4. Frank Bovenberg (Dutch RACT Foundation)

Topic Areas

Culture and ethnicity , Therapy in times of austerity/social upheaval , Other organisational approaches


FRAM PCE » Papers: Culture and Ethnicity (12:00 - Friday, 1st September, CT Hub, Lecture Theatre D)

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