Migration, culture, and psychosis (60 minute paper)


Meta analyses of studies have shown that migration has an undeniably strong influence on the incidence and the prevalence of psychosis, the odds for being diagnosed with psychosis or schizophrenia among certain groups or... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Victor Kouratovsky (Parnassia Group & ExpatPsy Netherlands)
  2. Samrad Ghane (Parnassia Group)
  3. Sil Hol (Dutch RACT Foundation)
  4. Frank Bovenberg (Dutch RACT Foundation)

Topic Areas

Culture and ethnicity , Therapy in times of austerity/social upheaval , Other organisational approaches


FRAM PCE » Papers: Culture and Ethnicity (12:00 - Friday, 1st September, CT Hub, Lecture Theatre D)

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