Preventing psychosis: a political issue

Margreet de Pater

ISPS board member

Margreet de Pater, community psychiatrist, devoted her career on developing crisis intervention for people with severe mental illnesses and on family intervention for psychotic persons. She wrote several articles and  a book: the loneliness of psychosis, the role of safe fighting in the development of and the recovery from psychosisShe joined ISPS board in 2012Worked on learning resources to support lonely workers in the field


Epidemiological research of the last 10 years reveals mounting evidence that a lack of a holding, caring and protecting extended social network breeds psychosis. Defragmented neighbourhoods, migration, being member of a... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Margreet de Pater (ISPS board member)

Topic Areas

Therapeutic environments , Society's impact on mental health , Other approaches to working for change


THPM2 PCH » Papers: Political (17:05 - Thursday, 31st August, CT Hub, Lecture Theatre D)

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