Validation of low-cost wireless EEG system for measuring event-related potentials


This study used the traditional P300 speller paradigm to compare a medical grade EEG system, the G.Tec, with a consumer grade EEG system, the Emotiv, in the detection of P300 components within ERP signals. The experiment... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Yongxiang Wang (Institute of Technology Blanchardstown)
  2. Zhengwei Wang (Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University)
  3. William Clifford (Maynooth University)
  4. Charles Markham (Maynooth University)
  5. Tomas Ward (Insight Centre for Data Analytics, Dublin City University)
  6. Catherine Deegan (Institute of Technology Blanchardstown)

Topic Area

Biomedical applications


Fr1a » Biomedical (10:00 - Friday, 22nd June, 02.014 (Ashby))

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