On sound-based interpretation of neonatal EEG


Significant training is required to visually interpret neonatal EEG signals. This study explores alternative sound-based methods for EEG interpretation which are designed to allow for intuitive and quick differentiation... [ view full abstract ]


  1. Sergi Gómez Quintana (University College Cork)
  2. Mark O'sullivan (University College Cork)
  3. Sean Mathieson (INFANT)
  4. Geraldine B. Boylan (INFANT)
  5. Emanuel Popovici (University College Cork)
  6. Andriy Temko (INFANT)

Topic Areas

Digital Signal Processing , AI and Machine Learning , Biomedical applications


Fr1a » Biomedical (10:00 - Friday, 22nd June, 02.014 (Ashby))

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