Technological relevancy between Autonomous Driving and Online Game

Tsuguo Nobe

Nagoya University, Japan

Tsuguo Nobe joined NEC Corporation in 1983 after graduated from Waseda University, majoring in Applied Physics, and took responsibilities for engineering and business development of NEC AT-Compatible PCs in international and domestic markets. Based on the expertize in PC technology, he also managed various types of product developments including Video on Demand Media Sever, Video Conferencing Systems, Data Broadcasting System on Terrestrial and Satellite TVs, TV-STB and PDA. While at NEC, he attended Harvard Business School and served as a Fellow at Harvard Center for Information Resource Policy from 1988 to 1990. Directly after leaving NEC in late 2000, he supported to make a Joint Venture between Softbank and World’s largest MMORPG on-line game company and took position as CEO of the Joint Venture until late 2003.
Then, as the automotive industry realized the growing importance of the electronics component in building next-generation cars, he was scouted to spearhead Nissan's efforts for IT and Vehicle convergence. IT support for NISSAN LEAF was a good example of the convergence, with which NISSAN was awarded the Best Mobile Innovation for Automotive and Transport at GSMA 2011. In 2012, he joined Intel K.K. as the Chief Service Architect and Director of its automotive efforts with the objective to standardize Vehicle IT in global basis. He has served as keynote speaker at major conferences of IEEE in Japan and other Vehicle and IT related seminars. Also, he takes several positions as official members of governmental committees. He concurrently takes a position as Visiting Associate Professor at Nagoya University, Green Mobility Collaboration Research Center.


In a decade since 2000, almost all the PCs became connected to the Internet. In another decade since 2010, with the advancement of wireless communication technologies, many non-PC devices, such as Smartphones, Tablets, STBs,... [ view full abstract ]


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